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Choose the right builder

One of the most critical factors in a successful building project is selecting the right building or contractor. The building firm you choose will be spending several weeks, or even months, working on or in your home. You not only need to be confident in their ability to do the work but also that you will have a good working relationship with them, and be able to “communicate” effectively throughout the entire building process. The majority of home building horror stories are a direct result of hiring a bad builder.

Preliminary Consultation


• Do you have architecturals yet? And are they thorough and acceptable for construction?

• Meet on site to obtain general information with regards to your anticipated project. Determine your family’s wants, needs and budget. We can advise you ‘roughly” as to what type of costs and timeline that will be involved with the project.

• We will determine whether your project requires the skills of a draftsman, engineer, an architectural technologist or an architect. And to what degree each may need to be involved.


• Architectural process can be a lengthy one in some cases with several stages of discussion. We are designing from your ideas. Preliminary drawings, layout and room sizes formed, exterior elevations, review, changes, revisions and so on until you become comfortable that your ideas are conveyed on paper and working / construction drawings can proceed to be drawn.

• Once completed, reviewed and approved, the architectural plans of the home or renovation and its proposed location and position on the property can be specified as clear as possible in a “Builders Schedule” or also referred to as a “Work Breakdown Structure”. At this very important stage of design you along with us will need to itemize as much as possible. We are taking a look at the project at a high level and breaking it down into smaller pieces of individual components of work. We will be listing and calling off any materials used, finishes, construction techniques, products selected, interiors and exteriors, etc., etc. These specifications are a written document for organizing the graphic information on the drawings and site plan.


• Once the above is completed your project can be priced accurately by either the “Lump Sum Method”, hard costs firm without being altered later, or a “Cost Plus or Set Management Fee”, cost estimates that may fluctuate as a project proceeds. Once both the Builder and Owner/Client are satisfied and have negotiated successfully and come to a mutual agreement a contract will be made which will include all documents, plans, schedules and signed by both.

• A construction payment schedule should be agreed upon and attached. Once the construction insurance, construction loans are in place the home/renovation is ready to be constructed.

Design and Planning
Estimating and Costing
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